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The Proposal of Hope

A couple weeks ago, it looked like Oscar Mmbali might be forced to leave Belize. 

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The WIC office on my 29th birthday

I sat in the parking lot of Aldi reciting my name, contact information, and household income to the woman on the phone. Two impatient, squirmy boys sat strapped in car seats in the back of my small sedan as I tried to keep my voice steady. “Umm…when is your next available appointment? April 26? Yes, that’s fine.”

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The Faithful Stars

Blue sky. Moonlight. The same. Dust in the eyes.

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When Kevin’s mother called me to tell me he had run away from home, she was crying. Anger, fear, and exhaustion poured out of her through the phone. She wept as she explained how her son told her he would rather live on the streets of Portland, Oregon, than stay one more day with her and his younger brother. He didn’t need them or want them—and at fifteen years old, he was perfectly able to fend for himself.

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