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Quaker Life is a quarterly publication which reports and reflects on how, as individuals and communities, we live our faith. How does Christ inform your life, shape your life, lead you here or there? How do you discern and answer the call of the Inward Teacher? What obstacles to Love have you overcome? How is Christ redeeming you these days?

Each issue of Quaker Life revolves around a particular Christian theme. We hope that by making the theme of each issue widely known, we will be able to deepen the pool of our contributors, and persuade some reluctant authors to send in a submission—in text, image, or both—by virtue of a powerful experience with our theme for the issue.

What we hope to receive in a submission is an account of your own experience with the theme—individually, within your family or work place or neighborhood, in the life of your faith community—written in a clear and understandable style. We are also eager to accept concrete or abstract images on the theme, accompanied by a brief description of the piece’s meaning, or process of creation, or both. We have no word limits for textual submissions, but, as a useful guide, most of our essays run between 175 to 1400 words. We are not able to accept handwritten submissions.

To submit your work, or for more information, please email danielk(at)fum.org.

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