Pandemic Changes Expectations for Field Staff Support

Usually, this is the time of year when FUM’s field staff are traveling to our Meetings and Churches to raise awareness and support for their ministries. Unfortunately, this year we will not be doing that. Although the three-year terms of Oscar Mmbali and Robert Wafula are scheduled to be renewed in September 2020, the COVID-19 threat and associated travel restrictions are preventing them from traveling to raise their support. Because of these challenges, the Executive Board of FUM has lifted the policy requiring field staff to their entire support for a three-year term before they are released for ministry.

Oscar Mmbali with the Belize Friends Center garden.

Instead, FUM, Oscar, and Robert are working to raise their ministry support for one year, with the expectation that the remaining amount will be raised by December 2021.

You can donate directly to support Robert’s or Oscar’s ministry accounts, or by giving to the Global Impact Fund, or by making a three-year commitment to support their ministries. If you currently support Oscar or Robert, please continue and renew your ongoing commitments.