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An Enduring Truth

Throughout our history, the people known as Friends (or Quakers) keep rediscovering an essential and enduring truth: There is one who speaks to our most basic needs and most significant hopes—Christ Jesus the Lord. Both individually and communally, we are learning to know and follow the Voice that guides us in the way we should go. Together, we seek to understand and obey that truth which sets us free. As a people, we share in the experience of that powerful life which makes all things new. Maybe you are searching for an authentic and transforming faith and community to call home—if so, come in and join us as we seek to know and follow Christ.

FUM News

Register Online for 2020 Triennial

We warmly welcome you to register online for our 2020 Triennial, July 12-18th in Kisumu, Kenya! Join with us as we come together in worship and fellowship, abide in Christ's presence, and go back out into all the world. Online registration is available here for the Triennial itself, and will be available shortly for Pre- and Post-Triennial travel options. Detailed information about schedules, fees, and activities can be found here.

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We Are Sending Books to FTC

We’re collecting books to help stock the libraries of Friends Theological College. So far, we have catalogued over 4,000 unique titles. We have far more than 4,000 books to ship, however; we are shipping multiple copies of some books. This will help us stock all six libraries at Friends Theological College, at their main campus at Kaimosi and their satellite campuses at Lugulu, Kitale, Lugari, Nairobi, and Samburu. Extra copies of some titles will also facilitate their use as textbooks, sharing the books between fewer students.

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Friends Respond to Emergency at Belize Friends School

Several months ago, FUM sent out an emergency appeal on behalf of the Belize Friends School, which was facing an unexpected financial shortfall and needed $37,500 in order to stay open for the remainder of the school year. Thanks to the generous movement of the Spirit among Friends, we’re excited to announce that, so far, we’ve raised $30,546.47! 

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More Information on Belize Situation

Recently, we mailed out an emergency appeal for $37,500 to keep the Belize Friends School open through the end of the school year. We are grateful to Friends who are responding with their donations and their prayers. We also understand that the appeal letter itself raised questions and concerns about how the Belize Friends School came to be in this situation. We deeply regret not offering at the time a more detailed explanation for the present cash-flow shortage at the School. We hope to address many of those questions in this post.

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FUM Journal

Gifted with Happiness

To be honest with you, I still hesitate to talk about my gift of happiness. Some voice is whispering in my ear that to be happy means I'm not carrying my fair share of the load . . .

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Be that Swell

A good director, when the choir is lost, offers a metaphor—a way for the singers to imagine themselves in the song again. It’s a bodily metaphor, because singing is a bodily function and there’s no un-embodied way to do it. And, perhaps, there’s no un-embodied way to gather in worship together. In our silent time, together we wait: a quiet choir waiting for a cue from an unseen director.

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Our Mission

Friends United Meeting commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.

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