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An Enduring Truth

Throughout our history, the people known as Friends (or Quakers) keep rediscovering an essential and enduring truth: There is one who speaks to our most basic needs and most significant hopes—Christ Jesus the Lord. Both individually and communally, we are learning to know and follow the Voice that guides us in the way we should go. Together, we seek to understand and obey that truth which sets us free. As a people, we share in the experience of that powerful life which makes all things new. Maybe you are searching for an authentic and transforming faith and community to call home—if so, come in and join us as we seek to know and follow Christ.

FUM News

FUM Calls Karla Jay as Coordinator of Global Ministries

Friends United Meeting calls Karla Jay to the new position of Global Ministries Coordinator.

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FCPT Continues to Promote Reproductive Health for Girls on Mt. Elgon

Friends Church Peace Team (FCPT), through the international COVID Collaboration fund, donated sanitary towels to teenage girls in an effort to reduce defilement cases associated with poor access to the items. They were able to give a three-month supply of sanitary towels to 115 girls from Kipsigon, Chebyuk, Nomorio, and Tuikut in Mt Elgon.

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Kenyan Quaker Schools Begin Phased Re-opening

The Kenyan government recently directed that all schools partially re-open by 5 October 2020. The phased re-opening welcomed back students in Class Four, Class Eight, and Form Four. The Quaker Education Commission, led by the Education Secretary, Ben Nasikungu, surveyed six secondary and three primary schools within Bungoma County to assess challenges since re-opening.

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What is Friends Church Kenya?

Over the past several months, a number of our news items have described work undertaken through partnership between three Friends organizations working in Kenya: Friends United Meeting’s Africa Ministries Office, the Africa section of Friends World Committee for Consultation, and Friends Church Kenya. Of these three organizations, Friends Church Kenya is least familiar to our non-Kenyan readers.

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Job Posting: Head of Ramallah Friends School

Friends United Meeting is accepting applications for the position of Head of Ramallah Friends School (RFS), located in Ramallah, Palestine. This is a full-time long-term field staff position within the Global Ministries Department of Friends United Meeting. The Head of School is the senior member of the RFS staff, responsible for ensuring FUM’s faithful stewardship as owners of the school and shepherding its mission of providing a distinctively Friends education to Palestinian boys and girls since 1869. The Head of School reports to the General Secretary of Friends United Meeting and works in a mutually-accountable relationship with the Board of Trustees of the School.

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Job Posting: Search for Coordinator of Global Ministries

Friends United Meeting (Richmond) seeks a full-time, highly organized person to join our staff team as the Coordinator of Global Ministries. The Coordinator of Global Ministries will be an active member of the Global Ministries Team. This person will provide administrative support for FUM’s field-staff and global ministry partners by coordinating schedules, communications, financial activities, and overseeing assigned programs.

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FUM Journal

Faithful Witness in a Fractured World: Models for an Authentic Christian Life

How are we called to be Christ-like in our daily lives as human beings? How can we model Christ; where can we get started in our journey to love and aid in the restitution of others? These are some of the questions posed in Nicole Johnson and Michael Snarr’s Faithful Witness in a Fractured World. By amplifying the life and example of faithful Christians in the author's lives, Snarr and Johnson skillfully portray Christ-like individuals who can also serve readers as inspiration for their own journey.

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Easter Sunrise Photo Challenge—#SnapshotsofHope

This Easter morning, I am inviting Friends around the world to take a photo of the sunrise where you are and post it to FUM’s Facebook page, #SnapshotsofHope. Let us know how you are celebrating Easter Hope this year!

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We can be More

During my quiet time this morning I was thinking about what God is trying to teach me – teach us – during this season. It is my intent to grow from this, and to learn. At the same time I was thinking about how I can help the members of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, particularly this coming week as we should be preparing to celebrate the Resurrection.

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Our Mission

Friends United Meeting commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.

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