Samburu Friends Mission

The Samburu people are nomadic pastoralists who keep cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys. Recently, huge swaths of collectively-held range land in the Samburu region have been privatized, leading to extreme disruption of grazing and migration patterns. This, in turn, has led to an increase in violent conflict with neighboring communities. Education and literacy training for the Samburu are crucial at this time, as capable leadership is needed in negotiating these conflicts, and only 6% of Samburu adults have a secondary school education. 

Building the Friends Church in Samburu involves building communities, not building buildings. As early Friends knew, it is the body of Christ that matters, not the building in which Christ is housed. Worship is often shared under a tree with indigenous songs, spirited dancing, and readings from the Bible.  

The Friends Mission in Samburu, started in 1995, is an outgrowth of Turkana Friends Mission. Sammy Letoole is Director of the Samburu Friends Mission, under the direction of the Samburu Friends Mission Board.

Current priorities of the Mission include evangelism, church planting, discipleship, a medical clinic, girl-child education, biosand water filters, nursery and primary schools, women’s self-help groups, peace building, night school for shepherd children, adult literacy, and, in partnership with Friends Theological College, pastors’ training.

You are invited to partner with what God is doing through Samburu Friends Mission!

FUM supports the Samburu Friends Mission with administrative and financial support which helps pay salaries for pastors, teachers, healthcare workers, evangelists, church planters, and support staff. The mission is expanding with the construction of the Samburu Friends Empowerment Center. The Center will provide sustainable income for the Mission while offering a small business incubator to reduce poverty in the community.

Ways to Give
  • Assist with general operating expenses of the mission
  • Contribute to the girl-child-education fund
  • Serve as a Living Letters Volunteer

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