Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital

Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital was established by Quaker missionaries in 1913. Now a 100-bed hospital, the hospital provides emergency, medical, and surgical services in a densely populated region where such resources are scarce. All patients are welcome, and compassionate care is offered to all patients—including those with HIV/AIDS. Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital provides services with dedication and compassion—treating the body, mind, and spirit. Chaplaincy services include spiritual and mental health care, devotional messages, and prayer and counsel with patients and their families. Social work­ers treat HIV/AIDS patients with respect and honor.  

Adopt-a-Bed Program
The FUM Adopt-a-Bed program covers hospital expenses for individuals who are unable to pay. Upon recommendation by a nurse, and via screening by a doctor and the chaplain, patients who are unable to pay their bill are admitted to the Adopt-a-Bed Program. This program provides financial assistance to patients whose families are unable to raise enough money to cover the costs of their medical care. Without the Adopt-a-Bed fund, the hospital would not be able to continue to provide medical care to those without financial means.  

Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital pioneered an award-winning Antiretro­viral Therapy (ART) department for HIV/AIDS care—the first of its kind in Western Kenya. HIV/AIDS clients receive regular counseling, consistent dispensing of ART drugs, regional clinic care and house calls.

Maternity Care
Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital delivers over 2,000 newborns each year, taxing its existing childbirth center. A proposed expansion of the maternity ward is planned.

Ways to Give
Donations help Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital continue its essential medical work:
  • Make a donation: Your financial gifts will will give hospital staff the tools to do more of what they already do well. Even small gifts help: a stethoscope can cost only $15.
  • Adopt a bed: There are many qualified people on waiting lists for the Adopt-a-Bed program. Please consider making a one-time gift or monthly pledge to this vital program.
  • Go & Serve: Health care professionals have traveled to Kenya to volunteer for several weeks and even months. God may even be calling you to join in the FLMH mission.
To provide affordable and sustainable holistic health-care services with Christian love.
—Hospital Mission

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