Friends Church Peace Team

Born out of Kenyan Quakers’ response to the 2007 Kenyan election violence, Friends Church Peace Team (FCPT) works to reduce violence and conflict in Kenya, whatever the causes may be. FCPT volunteers and staff have trained thousands of Kenyans in Alternatives to Violence, Healing and Rebuilding our Communities, trauma healing, non-violent social change, transformative mediation, and more.   

The Peace Team’s efforts were central to the quelling of violence between the 2007 and 2013 elections. They enabled displaced persons to move back to their homes. They worked to rebuild connections between neighbors of rival communities. The ongoing work done through this ministry literally removes the causes of war. 

Friends United Meeting directly supports the work of Getry Agizah, FCPT coordinator, and is a partner in supporting the work of several other staff members.
A Transformed Heart —Nancy’s story

When she arrived at a Friends Church Peace Team trauma healing workshop, Nancy says, “I was asking myself, should I start a cafe and poison all the men who came to eat in there? I wondered how I could punish the man who killed my seven-year-old boy and my husband and raped me.” Over the course of the workshop, led by FCPT’s Getry Agizah, Nancy’s response to her injuries changed. “When the facilitator was talking about Reconciliation and we shared on Peace, Justice, Mercy, and Truth, I felt I need to look at Jesus at Calvary. If we talk of Justice, it’s a big price to pay. But my heart is thirsty for Peace and I want to forgive. Because of this training I have decided to forgive that man."
“The Friends Church Peace Team works through the power of the Holy Spirit to create and sustain multi-ethnic communities with a robust capacity to resolve disputes without resorting to violent conflict.”

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