What will the accomodations be like?

For the 2023 Triennial Conference, we are pleased to be offering three housing options for conference attendees. These options include the Kabarak University Residence Guest House, Kabarak University Student Residence Halls, and the Grand Winston Hotel. If you select the Grand Winston Hotel, you will book the hotel directly via the link provided below.

Kabarak University Residence Guest House—filled up

The limited number of hotel-style rooms with en-suite restrooms, available at the Guest House, are now filled up.

Kabarak University Student Residence Halls

The student hostels are in close walking distance to the dining hall and all conference events. They are simple and clean rooms with bunkbeds (Double-Decker), to accommodate one to two people in a room. Clean off-suite restrooms provide hot showers.  Sheets and blankets are provided, however, guests will need to provide their own pillows and towels. A limited supply of pillows and towels will be for sell upon registration. Hostels are NOT coed.

Grand Winston Hotel

The Grand Winston Hotel is a quality hotel with en-suite restrooms, wi-fi, restaurant, friendly services, and other amenities. It is 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the Triennial venue at Kabarak University. If you choose this housing option, you should register as a commuter (day scholar) on the Triennial registration form, and purchase a Hotel Transportation Package, also. Please contact the hotel directly to make your reservations.

Details on amenities are available on their website: https://grandwinstonhotel.com/. Email manager@grandwinstonhotel.com to book a room. The manger, Rosa Muriuki, will be delighted to assist you. If you have questions about the Triennial, please contact 2023Triennial@fum.org.