Lugulu Hospital Peer-to-Peer Service Learning Experience

July 18 – July 24

Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital (FLMH) is a 100-bed, 100-year-old Quaker hospital about two hours’ drive north of Kisumu. The hospital is owned and operated by Elgon Religious Society of Friends (aka Lugulu Yearly Meeting) in partnership with Friends United Meeting. It provides essential surgical, obstetric, and medical care in a densely populated and fertile area, serving all patients without regard to religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. The hospital has won national awards for its HIV/AIDS comprehensive care and treatment program. For Triennial attendees with a background in health care (including pastoral care in a health care setting), this five-day visit will include opportunities to learn from hospital staff about providing care in a setting rich in spiritual resources but constrained in medical resources; to facilitate trainings for hospital staff; and to learn more about the local neighborhood. Specific programs of work will be developed to suit the backgrounds and interests of the participants. There will also be several outings to local sites of interest.

Anyone who is interested in this option must contact Kevin Quinn at or +1 406-438-1286 before registering. If at all possible, potential participants should join in one of Kevin’s informational conference calls on the following dates:

·       Saturday January 11 at 11am Eastern time

·       Tuesday January 28 at 8 pm Eastern time

·       (if necessary, a February date will also be scheduled)

Participation in this option will require application for a “Special Pass” from the Kenyan Ministry of Immigration. This pass will allow visitors to interact with their peers in a professional capacity, but it will not allow any direct provision of service or unsupervised patient contact.

Start date: 18 July 2020, departing from the Triennial venue after lunch.

End date: 24 July 2020, arriving in Nairobi in the late afternoon.

The earliest that you should plan to fly out of Nairobi is 24 July on a late-evening flight. You may also select the option for an extra night or two in Nairobi, so that you begin your international journey fresh and well-rested.

Cost: $300 per person

Cost includes:

·       Ground transportation from Kisumu to Lugulu

·       Ground transportation from Lugulu to the Eldoret airport

·       Air travel from Eldoret to Nairobi

·       Six night’s stay in the guest house on the hospital compound

·       All meals

·       All activities

·       All tips

·       Bottled water

Cost does not include:

·       Offerings at worship services

·       Lunch on 24 July while in transit from Eldoret to Nairobi (lunch can be purchased in the airport)

Lodging: Participants will stay in the guest house on the Lugulu Hospital compound. The house has five bedrooms, each with a self-contained bathroom, plus a kitchen, dining, and living room.

Leader: Kevin Quinn, Coordinator of FUM’s Living Letters programs at Lugulu Hospital

Minimum/maximum number of participants: no minimum. Maximum: 5 individuals or couples.

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