Connections is FUM's monthly bulletin insert/newsletter containing stories about FUM's programs, projects, and field staff. Meetings/Churches usually receive Connections through postal mail and distribute it through in-person pickup; individuals may also receive Connections at a home address. Issues of Connections are also available on this page as downloadable PDFs.

August/September 2020

Includes: Quaker Orgs Go Online; Global Partnership in New Ways; NEYM Friends Camp on Zoom; FUM Staff Arrivals and Departures; Fruits of the COVID-19 Collaboration in Africa; The Youth ARE the Church in Belize; Two New Books from Friends United Press; Renovations at Lindi School; RFS Seniors Succeed in IB Despite COVID; Books Arrive at FTC.

July 2020

Includes "Eden Grace will be Leaving as Global Ministries Director," "FUM E-news will feature Howard Thurman Works," "FTC Initiates Online Learning," "Global Impact Conversations on YouTube."

June 2020

Includes "COVID-19, Cell Phones, and Love," "Kenyan Friends Partner for Coronavirus Relief," "FUM Cancels Fall Cuba Trip," "Pandemic Changes Expectations for Support," "Ben Snyder Leaves FUM Staff," "FUM Staff can Visit You Virtually," "Financial Resources for Difficult Times."

May 2020

Includes "2020 Triennial Postponed," "FUM Launches COVID-19 Solidarity Fund," "Saving Lives on Mt. Elgon," "FUM Initiates New Prayer Responses," "Everence Offers Assistance and Relief Options," "June 12th International Prayer Gathering."

April 2020

Includes "New Summer Mission Focus," "Leadership Transitions in Samburu," "Global Spiritual Partnership," "FUM Ships Cargo Container of Books to FTC."

March 2020

Includes "FTC Trains Pastors in Samburu," "Update on Belize Friends School," "Maurine Waudo Appointed Joint Triennial Coordinator," "Cultivating Generous Congregations," "Quaker Archive Launched at FTC," "Positions Open."