Why Nikki? Why August 15th?

Have you had a chance to support Nikki Holland yet?

Nikki Holland is the dynamic Friends minister whom God has called to serve as the ministry director for FUM in Belize. If you haven’t had a chance to meet her and hear her speak, be sure to watch her Facebook Live chats with Emily Provance. Go here to watch the series so far. There should be another one coming out this week!

Nikki is currently raising the support needed for her to take up her position in Belize, and we’re running out of time. Nikki and her family really need to get to Belize by August 15th, which means we need to have her support fully committed by August 5th. We’ve made huge progress over the last couple of weeks, as several yearly meetings have met and people have been able to hear Nikki and capture her passion. As of today, we’re at 64%, which is fantastic! Now we need to cross the finish line. Are you called to help Nikki get to Belize on time by making a one-time or monthly donation?

· If you’re ready to pledge, you can do so here.

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· If you want to learn more about Nikki and her ministry in Belize, read here.

Why do we need to get her there by August 15th?

There are two main reasons why the Holland family needs to arrive in Belize by August 15th, one personal and one work-related. On the personal side, Nikki’s three children really don’t want to miss the first day of school. They are eager to settle in and make new friends, but it’s hard to be the new kid, and it is especially hard to be the new kid who shows up late. Can we, as their community, give them an on-time start to their new lives?

The second reason has to do with the ministry. There’s a lot of change afoot at Belize Friends Ministries. There will be some new staff members at Belize Friends School this year. The church is growing and Oscar is starting to mentor a Belizean Friend to take on some of the pastoral responsibilities. The school board is preparing the application for relicensing of the school. The team of staff and volunteers desperately need their leader! Nikki will serve as the ministry team leader, helping all the programs and personnel to work harmoniously with a common vision. Since Dale Graves left Belize due to illness in January 2018, the ministry team has lacked a leader, and they are very anxious for Nikki to arrive. Especially with several new members of the school staff joining us in August, it is essential that Nikki be present to facilitate the development of a healthy staff culture. Can we, as the global FUM community, give the Belize team the leader they so keenly need?

Why Nikki?

I’m convinced that Nikki Holland is the person God has anointed for the unique role of Director of Belize Friends Ministries. Nikki has a teachable spirit and a caring heart, making her an excellent fit for the work of shepherding and encouraging our gifted ministry team in Belize and helping each one of them unleash the full flowering of their giftedness in mission. Nikki has extensive international and cross-cultural experience and is a professional writer. Most important of all, she loves Jesus and seeks, with radiant energy, to live each day in faithfulness to God’s call in her life and in obedience to what God is doing in her community.

-Eden Grace, Director of Global Ministries

Eden Grace