Videos Created for Global Impact Fund

FUM's Global Impact Fund allows FUM to send your donations directly to the place, the personnel, or the mission where it will do the most good. In the videos below, FUM staff and project partners speak with FUM Board members about the work they do, and how donor contributions to the Global Impact Fund allow them to be flexible and responsive to changing circumstances.

FUM Belize Director Nikki Holland tells Scott Wagoner about what makes our programs in Belize special: the holistic way that we invest in our students, the vision of peace and hope that we have for the Southside community in Belize City, and the new church growing there.

Friends Theological College Principal Robert Wafula tells Georgia Fuller about the preparation of ministers that takes place at FTC in body, soul, and mind. Under Robert’s leadership, FTC has become a fully accredited institution, and is expanding through satellite campuses and into the world of online education.

Samburu Friends Mission Board Treasurer Noah Lekisima talks with Emily Provance about the particular challenges of Friends ministry in Samburu County, Kenya.

Turkana Friends Mission Director John Moru Losike tells Cliff Loesch about life and ministry among the Turkana people of northwestern Kenya:

In these times of pandemic, support for medical missions is essential. Here, Director Adan Mohamednoor of Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital shares with Sarah Lookabill about the healing, outreach, and education happening there.

Adrian Moody, Head of School at Ramallah Friends School in Ramallah, Palestine, speaks with RFS Development Director Andy Albertini about the role of the School in Palestine, whom the School serves, and the challenges facing students and their families.

In times of crisis, our purpose as people of faith becomes clear. Our purpose as Friends United Meeting is clear—we are called to connect the global community of Friends. Together we become a dynamic fellowship that is a vital witness to Christ’s abiding presence and love for the most vulnerable. Grounded in Christ, we are called to serve God’s creation. Your support is helping us connect Friends and serve God’s people.

You can donate to FUM’s Global Impact Fund to support any of our global ministries that are most in need. We also welcome your continuing donations to the FUM ministries that you care most about, and the field staff you want to support. We are still open and processing checks received by mail and online donations.

Kelly Kellum