Renovaré Bible Study to use Friends United Press book

Friends United Press received word last week that Renovaré—an international organization dedicated to Christian spiritual formation—will be using The Journal and Major Essays of John Woolman for an upcoming Book Club study. With Richard Foster’s input, Renovaré selected the Phillips Moulton edited version, which Friends United Press publishes. This book club will lead approximately 1,800 people through the study, and it will be facilitated by Dr. Jon Kershner.

FUM’s Communications staff—Dan Kasztelan, Shari Veach, and Kim Schull—have been working on increasing Press inventory to accommodate the influx of sales of the book. We anticipate that many people participating in the Renovaré Book Club will order from Amazon, but we also expect that numerous orders will come through the FUM Bookstore website. The Communications staff routinely fulfill orders through both the FUM Bookstore as well as orders that come through Amazon, and they are preparing to handle the increased workload of fulfilling what may be hundreds of book orders, from the end of August until the book club begins in September.

In email conversations with Dan Kasztelan, Dr. Jon Kershner said, “Renovaré invited me to do the study and we have been conversing about which edition to use. I prefer the Moulton edition. It is by far and away the best. I am really excited to be a part of a reading of Woolman among people who may have never heard of him. He has been a powerful influence in my life.”

It is an honor and an exciting opportunity to have a Friends United Press book chosen for this book study. I’m grateful for the exposure of the Friends United Press version of John Woolman’s Journal—and for the income it will provide to FUM.

— Shari Pickett Veach, FUM Publications Manager