Pray for Ramallah Friends School in Palestine

Friends United Meeting is inviting Friends to pray for our school in Palestine as teachers, board, and school officials respond to the on-going Covid threat, prepare for leadership transitions, and carry out end-of-year activities.

We did not anticipate the outbreak of violence and military aggression in the region. While the focus is on military raids, evictions, rocks, bullets, missiles, and airstrikes, these are disrupting the lives of everyone in the region. The cycle of violence heightens the injustices and anger experienced by Palestinians who live continuously under occupation. Our friends in the West Bank see the contrails of missiles and hear and feel their explosions. This is traumatizing our students. One of our students was pulled from the streets and beaten by Israeli police. One of our families is trapped after visiting family members in Gaza. Ramallah Friends School is canceling in-person classes this week and our teachers are doing their best amidst this crisis to support their students and provide un-interrupted online instruction. The board and administration are working on ways to uphold Quaker values of peace, equality, and community during these challenging days. Please pray for Ramallah Friends School and members of the FUM community in Palestine:

Please Pray For:

  • For the safety of the Ramallah community.
  • For the quick end of violence.
  • For the end of the occupation.
  • For our teachers and staff as they work to provide emotional and educational support for our students.
  • For wisdom for our school administrators and board.
  • For RFS parents, who are under tremendous stress.  
  • Pray for our students who are afraid, and struggling to make sense of what they are witnessing and experiencing.
  • Pray for peace.