Plainfield Hosts Friends Global Ministries Conference

Friends Global Ministries hosted their fourth annual conference this past weekend, June 28-30, at Plainfield Friends Meeting in Plainfield, Indiana. This marked the second time this conference has been held in Plainfield, as it is a viable central location for various groups of Friends who have left their native communities to come and live in North America.Part of Friends Global Ministries’ mission and ministry is to bring a diaspora of Friends together for the opportunity to feel connected, supported, and nurtured in worship as each immigrant community continues to strive to make its way in its new American location.In this picture, Scott Biddle is speaking with the young adult portion of the conference. Scott, who is from Iowa Yearly Meeting, has had a long relationship with this group. He was the host of their first annual gathering, held in Baltimore. Scott is speaking to the youth about his personal experience in relationship with God. Scott emphasized the importance of paying attention to God’s call, being open to the movement of the Holy Spirit, and allowing that call to guide fellowship and relationship.The conference was attended by Friends from Arizona, Maryland, New Hampshire, Iowa, Rhode Island, and Indiana.

July 6, 2024