Online Prayer Gathering

One of the most dynamic ways for the FUM community to gather during the global COVID-19 crisis is through prayer. Certainly, this is a moment when Friends must be gathered and centered in the peace, wisdom, and healing grace of God. These days of self-isolation provide new opportunities for Friends to reflect, meditate and pray. There is power in prayer.

The Quaker author Douglas V. Steere makes this bold claim: “When God answers prayer, things happen, miracles take place, and we live in a dynamic universe where prayer is a factor in effecting change.” As countries are in chaos, as the virus spreads, as communities are dealing with significant disruptions, the FUM community is invited to effect change through prayer.

Therefore, we are inviting the FUM community to participate in an online gathering for prayer. This gathering will take place on Monday, March 23, at the following time:

9:00 am Pacific (US)
10:00 am Belize
11:00 am Jamaica and Central (US)
12:00 pm Cuba & Eastern (US)
6:00 pm Palestine
7:00 pm East Africa

We will use Zoom for this gathering:

Join by tablet/computer by clicking

Join by phone by calling +1 929 205 6099, Meeting ID: 564 608 592

Julie Rudd