New Rhino for FTC

The Friends Theological College ministry van—dubbed “the white rhino”—finally got a new home and owner after it was recently put up for sale. The white rhino served the faculty and students for a whopping seven years, and it was time to bid it good-bye. Over those years it served as the main means of transport within and out of campus, ferrying students and faculty to various destinations to minister and also to run office errands. The white rhino was a very efficient and reliable vehicle, and we are thankful for its service. But vehicles in Kenya experience a lot of wear and tear, so even when they are tough, they don’t last forever. The search for its replacement was not an easy task. Emonse Muhindi, Operations Manager of the FUM Africa Ministries Office, and Kevin Sanya, FTC Accountant, embarked on a week-long search before finding a vehicle that suits the needs of the college. Emonse and Kevin landed on a Toyota Land Cruiser hard top with almost the same features as the dearly departed white rhino. The new vehicle was purchased, in part, with funds donated by the Friends of Western Yearly Meeting as part of their 2022 Missions Project. We are thankful for their generosity and commitment to Friends Theological College.The refurbishing of the new white rhino is being done in Nairobi, and it will be home in Kaimosi and ready to serve by the end of this week.