Letter from Ramallah

From Ramallah Friends School, Head of School Rania Maayeh writes: Amid the unfolding genocide in Gaza and the continuing security deteriorations in the West Bank, I write to you with a heavy heart yet an unwavering spirit of resilience. As I am sure you all can relate, the events of the past few months have been incredibly stressful, testing our strength and unity in ways we never imagined. While we are not optimistic, we remain hopeful that a just way will open, that the atrocities being committed in Gaza will end, and that we will survive and build a thriving future for our children.As we in Palestine prepare to welcome Ramadan tomorrow (March 10), our school community is reminded of the profound significance of this sacred month—a time dedicated to fasting, reflection, and togetherness. This year, however, our observance is shadowed by fear and sorrow, as was the recent Christmas and as will likely be the upcoming Easter. Yet, in these challenging times, the true spirit of these occasions—resilience, solidarity, and renewal—becomes even clearer.

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March 21, 2024