Letter from Kaimosi

From Friends Theological College, Robert Wafula writes:

The weather patterns have changed, especially in the western region of Kenya. We normally have lots of rain around this time to allow people prepare their farms for corn planting. The temperatures are scorching dry and the Kaimosi Street has turned out to be so dusty as to blind anyone. The motorists and motor bikers are making it uncomfortable for students and faculty to do any activities in the chapel. Although residential students left on Friday, March 15, for a one month break, faculty and staff welcomed and hosted a five days’ workshop sponsored by the Local Leaders International, in partnership with St. Paul’s University. The workshop, which ran March 18-22,  brought together lecturers from the affiliate theological seminaries in western Kenya, focusing on Competencies for Theological Education and Online Teaching and Learning. Topics featured in the workshop included Competency Based Theological Education; Pedagogy for Blended Teaching and Learning; and Communication in Distance and Online Theological Education. We are so excited that FTC was picked to host this workshop that brought together over fifty lecturers.

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Pictured: During the FUM Africa board that met on February 2-3, 2024, the Samburu and Turkana Friends Mission teams put a green mark on the FTC campus by planting trees. The directors of these two Mission stations and chairs of their boards each planted a tree, not only as preservation of Mother Nature, but also as a symbol of enhancement of the partnership in their Christian ministries.

April 17, 2024