Letter from Belize

After the FUM/QMI/USFWI Triennial in July, we travelled home to visit family. We returned to Belize safely two weeks ago. We were grateful that Noa slept all the way across the Atlantic and while we found extreme heat in Belize, it has rained over the last couple of days...

In early September, just before the commencement of the new school year, we receive a lot of requests to help with school resources. We find that this time is an opportunity to engage with our neighbors about the work we do. On 2 September 2023, we are inviting parents to bring their children to Belize City Friends Center to learn about the work of Belize Friends Center, Church, and School. Boys who attend the event will receive a haircut, while girls will have hair braiding. Every student that attends will receive a package of school supplies, like a school bag, exercise books, textbooks, pens, and pencils. This event will be an opportunity for members of the community to learn about the work of the school and the center, as well as to know that they are welcome to join us on Sunday for worship at Belize City Friends Church. We also hope this event can be an opportunity to recruit prospective students. So far, fifty students have signed up to attend. Some of our partners in this project are Belize Port Authority, which has donated school bags, books, and pens, and Angelus Press, which has donated textbooks. Ladyville Highlights Media will cover and broadcast the event.

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