George Fox Students Visit Mt. Elgon

Nursing Students from George Fox University, led by their professor, Eloise Hocket, in collaboration with Friends Church Peace Team Coordinator Getry Agizah and Friends Church Kenya Education Secretary Ben Nasikungu, conducted a six-day health education training in seven Quaker schools across Kenya's  Mt.Elgon region.The six-day training in different schools covered menstrual and reproductive health, first aid training, and dental hygiene. The team of six nurses visited both boys and girls schools and conducted the relevant trainings in each school.

The sessions provided a platform for the students to engage and interact freely on various topics including sexuality and sexual abuse. The students were also taught how to brush their teeth and good oral hygiene, how to respond to minor accidents in school, female hygiene, and hand washing with soap and water. These topics are vital in our schools. Teaching students to understand the importance of hygiene is an essential part of their education. Friends Church Peace Team seeks opportunities to work with school administrations to ensure that peace and health clubs are incorporated in schools during club days.