FUM Can—and Will—Attend Your Online Gathering

Is your Meeting/Church worshiping online these days? The Meeting that FUM Global Ministries Director Eden Grace attends—West Richmond Friends Meeting—has so far held five Zoom meetings for worship, and each one has had a larger attendance than the last. One of the delightful and unexpected blessings of this strange time is that members who currently live far from Richmond are able to join them in worship, and even to serve on their virtual facing bench!

West Richmond had been eagerly anticipating having Nikki Holland bring the message in early May while she was in Indiana for her graduation from ESR. When that trip got canceled, Friends at West Richmond felt disappointed that she wouldn't be able to be with them. And then they realized that, in fact, she can still be with them! She can still bring the message during worship on Zoom, and distance is no obstacle!

Nikki Holland, making a Zoom appearance.

Many members of our Global Ministries staff are willing to "visit" your meeting during its online worship,either to bring the main message, or to offer a short message of encouragement and connection from the field and to let Friends know how they can be praying. If you would be interested in having a field staff member join your worship, please send General Secretary Kelly Kellum an email. Kelly is also available to speak for online worship or other online gatherings.