FUM Plans First Online Auction

As this new and different summer season has progressed, Friends have pointed out that some of the traditional means of fundraising for FUM projects—pasta dinners, barbecues, penny collections, lemonade stands, etc.—are difficult or impossible to organize under constraints of social distancing and virtual Meetings.

So we’re experimenting with a new fundraising idea—an online auction of (mostly) art and crafts created by Friends. Most of the FUM staff are participating, with contributions from crocheted blankets to raw lambs wool. Items will be auctioned through our Facebook page on August 24 through 28, and mailed from the artist to the winning bidder. (For this inaugural auction, bidding is limited to North America.)

If you would like to participate by donating something you’ve created, send an email with a description of the item and two pictures (one picture of the item by itself, one picture of you and the item together) to auction@fum.org. Deadline for entries is midnight, August 19. It will be your responsibility to ship your piece to the winning bidder, once FUM has notified you of the winning bid, so please calculate the price of shipping as one portion of your donation. Also, please let us know if you would like an in-kind donation receipt.

If you’re interested in bidding, keep an eye on our FUM Facebook page. In addition to the staff contributions that will be highlighted in the enews, we’ll start posting items for auction on our Facebook page by Friday, August 21.

Posted by
Dan Kasztelan