FUM Announces Billy M. Britt Fund for North American Ministries

Billy Britt picture
Billy Britt

As part of Friends United Meeting’s recommitment to energize, equip, and connect Friends in North America, as well as around the rest of the world, we are grateful and pleased to announce the public launch of the Billy M. Britt Fund for North American Ministries. Billy, along with his beloved wife, Viola, served Friends in North Carolina for over sixty years. As a pastor, Yearly Meeting superintendent, interim minister, and public Friend, Billy devoted his life to strengthening the work of local congregations, developing leaders, and inspiring others toward faithfulness. As a traveling minister, Billy also touched the lives of Friends across the US. To this day, he continues to pray for a vibrant Quaker witness in North America and for a deepening unity through our shared life in Christ.

Working with Billy’s family over the last several months, we have been blessed by their enthusiasm to establish a fund that will enable FUM to expand and deepen our programs aimed to encourage congregational vitality, outreach, leadership development, spiritual formation, and generosity.

In late 2021, a group of Friends and family gathered at High Point Friends in North Carolina to honor Billy’s service and begin a quiet launch to the Britt Fund. Over $20,000 was raised by a generous core of people eager to partner in FUM’s North American focus and as a way to continue the Britt legacy.

Over the next months and years, FUM will encourage other Friends throughout North America to help us build this fund in order to expand our outreach to local Meetings and churches, inspire individuals toward greater faithfulness and spiritual maturity, and develop the leaders and ministers we need to serve God and our world in the way we are called.

To learn more about current and emerging North American ministries, and for further background on the Britt Fund, click here.  

To make an online contribution to the Britt Fund, please visit our donation page for the Fund.  Contributions may also be sent to the FUM office. If you would like to consider a donation of stock, insurance, property, or other investments, please contact Colin Saxton at colinsa@fum.org. We believe this Fund has the potential to serve as an endowment, as well. If you’d like to visit about an endowed gift or to make the Britt Fund part of your bequest/estate plan, please contact Colin Saxton.

Friends, join Billy and the FUM staff and board in praying for our work in North America. Despite the many challenges facing Friends here, we believe there is a great opportunity and possibility for renewal.