FTC Progresses with Biogas Digesters

Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, has completed about ninety per cent of the work on their biogas digester system! The system is beginning to take shape. The agitators (spiral steel for stirring the waste) have been installed; five chamber balloons inserted; PVC gas pipes, feeder, and end-pipes fixed; a two-inch gas plastic pipe from the system to the kitchen installed; 50,000 liters of water and 800 kgs of cow dung have been emptied into the system; and the black shade net has been attached to the system. We expect a senior engineer to come any time to fix the pulping tool (the grater that grinds any non-fibre plant and food waste material into the system).In less than two weeks time, the system will be producing an equivalent of around twenty kilograms of liquid gas for cooking daily. This will be sufficient to cook meals to feed around 200 people a day.In addition to the large-capacity T-Rex 100 cubic-meter biogas system, a smaller biogas system is being installed at the Principal’s residence. This system is also ninety per cent finished.Thanks for walking with us on this path of sustainability and green energy initiatives at FTC. — Robert J. Wafula, Principal, FTC.

July 6, 2024