FTC Community Blesses Wafulas before Sabbatical

On Thursday, June 19, 2024, the staff and faculty of Friends Theological College prayed for and released the principal, Dr. Robert Wafula, and his wife Nancy, as they traveled to Britain to attend a conference. After the conference, Dr. Robert will still be away as he takes his sabbatical leave that is of effect from 26 June to 26 December 2024. During his sabbatical, Dr. Robert will engage in travels among Yearly Meetings and churches, etc., which will undoubtedly bring new insights and experiences to our college. During Dr. Robert’s absence, Academic Dean  Dr. Wekesi Mukimba will step in to provide administrative oversight and ensure the continuity of leadership. He will handle the day-to-day operations and address any administrative issues that may arise. The Academic Dean is fully supported by a capable team of management and department heads, ensuring a seamless transition and sustained excellence in our academic and administrative functions. The Dean’s office will be the primary point of contact for any administrative concerns, and Dr. Wekesi will be available to meet with faculty, staff, and students, as needed.We look forward to the innovative ideas and fresh perspectives Dr. Robert will bring back from his sabbatical. We also trust in the leadership of our Acting Principal, Dr. Wekesi, to maintain the high standards and supportive environment that our college is known for, during this period.  Please join us in wishing Dr. Robert a productive and enriching sabbatical.Laureen LuvembeFriends Theological College

July 6, 2024