Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital

In 1913, Dr. Andrew Estock set up a grass-thatched house where Lugulu Friends Mission Hospital started operating as an outpost of Friends Kaimosi Hospital. It grew into a dispensary in 1946, and later achieved full hospital status in 1976. FLMH is situated in Bungoma County in Western Kenya, one of Kenya's most densely populated regions.

From its founding until today, the hospital has maintained a shining reputation within its community. Choosing to keep the word “mission” in their name, the staff works diligently to live up to that reputation. Patients are known to choose to pay for services at FLMH rather than seek free treatment at local government hospitals. The administrators believe that the primary reason for this is their “commitment to quality holistic care.” FLMH has become known for the care of body, mind, and spirit. Their mission statement includes this goal: “to provide affordable and sustainable holistic health-care services with Christian love.”

Each year FLMH serves up to 48,000 outpatients in addition to their annual 7,900 inpatient count. These statistics include nearly 2,000 baby deliveries, which led to an expansion of the maternity ward. The new expansion allows for antenatal and postnatal care in separate areas. A larger birthing room, and nursery for premature baby incubators, also both have their own space.

2020 was a year filled with challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the institution as most clients cannot offset their hospital bills. This financial crisis weighs heavily on the hospital's limited resources. Staff members are also prone to contracting Covid-19, so the hospital does regular testing. To date, no staff of Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital has been diagnosed with Covid-19.

Here are some ways that you can pray for Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital:

  • This is a challenging time to be a hospital, for sure! Due to the economic crisis caused by Covid, many patients have been unable to pay their bills, and the hospital is experiencing a shortage of basic drugs and supplies, such as exam gloves. The hospital is committed to serving people regardless of their ability to pay, but this presents an ongoing concern.
  • We thank God that none of the staff have contracted Covid, but please continue to pray for their vigilance, safety and stamina in such a prolonged time as the pandemic.
  • FLMH has been approved as one of the Covid vaccination sites in Bungoma County, but the rollout is happening very slowly. As of early April, all of the hospital employees have been vaccinated and they hope to receive more doses for the community soon. Pray they can be a witness of hope and service in these trying times.
  • During 2020, the hospital management worked through an extensive strategic plan process designed to carry them through 2025. Please pray that they will be able to stay focused and realize some of their goals, even in a time when it is hard to plan or foresee the future.