Friends Church Kenya Holds Annual Leadership Conference

The Friends Church in Kenya leadership held their annual FCK Leaders Conference at the Friends Theological College Kaimosi campus in mid-February.

The meeting attracted a total of sixty-four leaders, who were mainly the Presiding Clerks, General Superintendents, and Administrative Secretaries across the Yearly Meetings in Kenya.

The theme of the conference was “Re-examining our Role in Ministry (Lamentations 3:40–42).”

The conference featured several topical speakers. Dr. Churchill Midikira Kibisu took the leaders through church leadership etiquette. Dr. John Muhanji also had his chance to talk to the leaders on partnering in mission work as he emphasized the upcoming Friends United Meeting Triennial conference at Kabarak and urged the leaders to be at the forefront in registering. Dr. Patrick Kisia educated participants on church property ownership and investment. And Richard Sitati, FUM Vice Clerk, spoke to attendees on the workflow and partnership being undertaken by FUM as a whole. He encouraged unity among all stakeholders for us to achieve great things as a church.