“Education is Power” in Turkana

Turkana Friends Mission, one of FUM’s ministry partners in East Africa, continues to thrive. Their growth and vibrancy are due, in part, to the strong emphasis they place on leadership development, discipleship, and preparing women and men for active ministry.

John Moru, former director of the mission, now serves as pastor of a local congregation. Part of Moru’s passion, however, is readying others to serve. A current example of his work is demonstrated through a literacy project for adult learners. “Education is power” is the motto for the program aimed at helping men and women learn to read, despite not attending school in their early years. Their determination to learn how to read and write will help them study the Bible and encourage their children to continue school.Students are learning to read and write in the Turkana language, which will enable them to serve their communities more fully and provide effective leadership in their congregations.