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Now through the end of February, all the Howard Thurman books published by Friends United Press are on sale!

Our Howard Thurman collection can be found here.

In the seventieth anniversary year of the publication of Howard Thurman’s best-known work, Jesus and the Disinherited, Thurman has been experiencing an uptick in attention and relevance. A documentary film, Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story, which aired on PBS in early 2019 and is available here in our bookstore, has led to a higher profile for Thurman, whose work to reconcile America’s divided races seems relevant to both faith and politics once again.

Thurman’s association with Quakers began when he read Rufus Jones’ Finding the Trail of Life, in 1927, and sought out Jones for special study, which he undertook at Haverford College in 1929. His life as a minister committed to a mystical experience of God, as well as the practical expression of that experience in non-violent activism, brought him into frequent communion with Friends throughout his life.

We are honored, at Friends United Press, to have kept many of Thurman’s works in print for nearly fifty years. His words on drawing near to God, and establishing the peace within that leads to unity with all creation, never lose their importance for us.

Julie Rudd