Belize Friends School Receives $10,000 Quakerdale Grant

The Belize Friends School was recently awarded a $10,000 grant from Quakerdale Foundation to assist in improving reading proficiency among its students. This year Belize Friends School is planning to hire a new teacher to specialize in this area. In addition, the educator we are targeting will be deeply involved in leading daily devotions and providing spiritual guidance and mentoring for our students.

Teacher Bernadine is a retired Belizean educator and administrator and she holds a particular passion for educating boys. She sees education as an opportunity to protect boys from gang involvement. She believes that being able to read and think will help them make good decisions throughout their lifetimes. While she has the same feelings about the importance of educating girls, she has seen boys struggle more, both with getting the education they need and with becoming involved in crime. She is passionate about helping young people grow in their faith and become contributing members of society.

Adding this teaching position fills an important need and allows other staff to spend time on student recruitment, fundraising, administration, and other essential services.

Quakerdale’s heritage began when Josiah White, a Philadelphia Quaker, set out after his dream—to provide shelter and guidance for orphaned youth. His vision turned into reality in 1851 when White’s Iowa Manual Labor Institute opened its doors. Over the years the Institute served many children and evolved into Quakerdale.

The Foundation desires to fund fields of interest connected to Josiah White’s last will and testament. He wanted to help children learn about God and become productive employed citizens. The Foundation’s fields of interest are related to children, families, human services, spiritual education and community betterment.

Belize Friends School hopes to honor Josiah White’s vision in teaching children about God, as well as helping them improve their reading skills.