AMO Transition Work Begins

Last week, Catherine Gunza and Getry Agizah accompanied Shawn and Katrina McConaughey on their trip to Samburu for the Samburu Friends Mission Board meeting, providing time and opportunity for Getry and Kate to learn more about the work in Samburu.

Maralal isn’t on the way to anywhere, and it takes about an eight-hour drive to get there from Kisumu, so there was lots of time for induction on the way there and debriefing on the way back home. The AMO contingent were able to visit the progress of the Loosuk Empowerment Center, attend a Samburu Friends Mission Board meeting, share ideas and concerns with various leaders over tea and meals, and attend Sunday worship at the newly planted Maralal Friends Church. Describing the trip, Katrina McConaughey writes, “The weekend left all of our minds just bursting with questions and ideas, but new friends were also made, and Kate and Getry came away with a better understanding of the Samburu mission.”