Ambwere Farm Maize Harvest is Sold

An array of activities is currently happening within the Friends United Meeting sustainability project in Kitale, Kenya—the Ambwere Farm—with the latest activity being the sale and delivery of maize (corn) to the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) in Kitale.

The NCPB is a commercial state corporation in Kenya which works under the Ministry of Agriculture. It provides logistics support services to the government on food security matters and also trades commercially in a variety of cereals, including maize, on behalf of the government.The NCPB has also been the supplier of the fertilizers that were used during the previous planting season. The process of selling maize at NCPB involves three major steps. First and foremost, a sample of the maize produce is tested for aflatoxin, amongst other components. Once this report is out and the sample has tested negative, the maize is cleaned, separating out the broken pieces of maize, and it is then loaded in trucks and taken to the NCPB depot where it is bagged into the recommended gunny bags weighing fifty kilograms (110.23 pounds).This exercise is likely to take one week, due to the procedures for inspecting the corn, but so far about 600 bags from the farm have been delivered at the Kitale depot. NCPB is the most suitable market for FUM’s corn harvest, since the buying price is favorable and the systems are effective. In addition, we shall be counted among farmers who are contributing to reforms which are informed by the Ministry of Agriculture by transforming the agriculture sector in Kenya and ensuring there is national food and nutritional security, besides ensuring that food is affordable, especially to the needy.

Videos of the maize being sorted and stacked may be found here, on our YouTube channel.

March 29, 2024