A Season of Hope and Light

The General Board of Friends United Meeting is inviting you to participate in a unique “virtual” Triennial gathering. The theme for this gathering will coincide with FUM’s 2021 theme of Hope and Light as we celebrate the collaborative and transforming work Friends are doing across the globe.


The virtual session is scheduled for 17-19 June, 2021. Spanning multiple time zones, each session is limited to three hours and will begin at the following times each day:

8:00 AM Pacific Time

9:00 AM Belize Time

10:00 AM Jamaica and Central Time

11:00 AM Cuba and Eastern Time

6:00 PM Palestine and East Africa Time​


Thursday, 17 June — Travel with Friends

Triennial representatives will be given the opportunity to “travel by Zoom” to visit with Friends in the various places where FUM is committed to serving. Participants will be issued visas to visit two places during this session. Travel to Kaimosi and visit Friends Theological College or to the Friends School in Belize. Visit Friends in Samburu and Turkana. Journey to Ramallah then on to Tanzania. These virtual trips will allow representatives to meet with ministry staff and program leaders. Be inspired by their stories of transformation. Learn about their challenges. Discover new ways to pray and support the amazing work they are doing as they are called to reflect the hope and light of God.

Friday, 18 June — Discover

During this session, representatives will discover FUM’s renewed commitment to energize and equip local meetings and Yearly Meetings, and learn more about FUM’s commitment to work toward the financial sustainability of ministries and project partners.

Saturday, 19 June — Worshipful Work

The Triennial gathering will also be an opportunity for Triennial Representatives and the General Board to do worshipful work together, such as approve board officers, confirm the appointment of the General Secretary, review amendments to the Organization and Procedures, and approve the budgets.


All are welcome! Triennial Representatives, General Board members, Yearly Meeting officers, organization leaders, and interested Friends are invited to participate in these sessions. Register online at http://bit.ly/registration_triennial2021, gain access to the Zoom gathering, and get your “travel visas.”

FUM is not charging a fee for your registration, but Friends are invited to donate to the General Fund. Your donation will support efforts to purchase data bundles to connect Friends from places where there is limited and expensive internet access. Contribute online at https://www.friendsunitedmeeting.org/giving/donate or send a check to the FUM Richmond office.