Thirty Days of Prayer - Day Thirteen

Where is God when you pray?

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” —John 15:7 ESV

It was the season of Lent and I felt called to pray.  

Not all Friends practice Lent, but I encourage anything that stirs up the embers of one’s faith.  

Lent, for me, is a way to pay attention to where I’ve become too worried or too worldly and refocus my attention on our Resurrected Lord.

What needs removed from my life that is distracting me from God? What can I add to my days that will invite me into a greater awareness of the Holy Presence in my life? These are the queries I sit with as I consider how to practice Lent each year.  

One morning, as my knees made their way to my yoga mat where I intended to remain for the next 40 minutes, my mind immediately began formulating prayer requests and praises. I got busy about prayer. And, much to my surprise, I heard the audible voice of God respond in kind.  

My eyes flew open. I turned to find Him. His voice – I knew it was His – had come from the chair behind me, as if He had been seated there all along, watching from the periphery.  

I was too amazed to consider His position, but later came to wonder: why was God in the chair? Why had I put Him “there”? Why hadn’t I invited Jesus to come into closer union with me, to abide with me, to kneel beside me when I prayed?  

These days, when I pray, I’m more intentional about inviting God to come down from Heavenly places and join me in the trenches, on the yoga mat, or wherever I may be. This seemingly small change has made a powerful impact on how I experience God when I pray.  


Where is God when you pray?


Read the Message translation of John 1:14 and imagine what it would be like if God took up residence in your neighborhood.


As you pray today, invite God to draw near to you, to kneel beside you or sit shoulder-to-shoulder with you, to abide with you when you pray.

Katie Ubry-Terrell

Posted by
Kelly Kellum