Easter Sunrise Photo Challenge—#SnapshotsofHope

This Easter I am thinking of the women who showed up at Jesus’ tomb on the 1st Day (Matthew 28:5-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12, John 20:1-18). They were experiencing what many of us are going through as we deal with the COVID-19 threat. The crucifixion of Jesus disrupted their lives. They were afraid, grieved, confused, didn’t know who to trust, and uncertain of their future. The Risen Lord stood among them and restored their hope.

The miracle of Easter is that fear and sorrow do not have the final say. Beyond the cross there is hope. So, I urge Friends everywhere to celebrate Easter in ways that keep you and others safe.  Do not disregard your region and country-wide assembly restrictions. Worship in your homes, gather your immediate household, read the Gospel story of the resurrection, connect with Friends online, or enjoy prayerful solitude in your garden. And watch for the Easter miracle, for the Risen Lord stands among us.

This Easter morning, I am inviting Friends around the world to take a photo of the sunrise where you are at and post it to FUM’s Facebook page, #SnapshotsofHope. Let us know how you are celebrating Easter Hope this year!

Grace and Peace,
Kelly R. Kellum
General Secretary

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Kelly Kellum