We can be More

During my quiet time this morning I was thinking about what God is trying to teach me – teach us – during this season. It is my intent to grow from this, and to learn. At the same time I was thinking about how I can help the members of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, particularly this coming week as we should be preparing to celebrate the Resurrection.

We should be planning to gather at Fairview for biscuits and gravy. We should be planning Easter egg hunts and family gatherings. We should be planning Good Friday ecumenical services in Jamestown and at Wilmington College. Instead we find ourselves in the darkness – though I’m not sure yet if we are in the tomb with Jesus, or if we’ve progressed to “Silent Saturday," the day in-between the death and resurrection.

Whatever place you find yourself in, perhaps the words that I felt stir in my spirit this morning will help you: “I can’t do more, but I can be more.”

There are a lot of things we can’t DO right now. We can’t gather. We can’t embrace one another. We can’t have camp opening this weekend at Quaker Knoll. We can’t attend the FUM Triennial or the FGC Gathering or the QUIP annual meeting. But there are a lot of things that we can still BE. We can still be the Church. We can still be patient and kind and loving and gentle. We can still be peaceful and faithful and joyful and good. In fact, we can be MORE of those things – more like Jesus, whose peace passes understanding, whose love casts out fear, whose kindness extends to the least of these, whose power is made perfect in weakness. We can be more of the kind of people, the kind of Friends, God has always dreamed for us to be.

So if you find yourself feeling discouraged in the coming days because of what you can’t do, turn your thoughts to what you can be, because we can always “be more."

~Katie Ubry-Terrell

Katie is the Yearly Meeting Coordinator for Wilmington Yearly Meeting.

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Dan Kasztelan