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November 2021

Dear Friends,

Seeds are amazing. Hidden inside the shell of each seed is the genetic material needed to germinate new life in forests, prairies, and farmlands. It contains a farmer’s aspiration and livelihood. It can be carried on the wind, and sprout up in another part of the world. The Scripture says the Kingdom of God is like a seed planted in the ground (Mark 4:26-29). In the coming year, Friends United Meeting is adopting the theme of “Cultivating Seeds of New Life” to express how Friends are being called to participate in the Kingdom work of bringing beauty, nourishment, healing, grace, and blessing to the world.

Learn how Friends United Meeting is being called to cultivate seeds of new life through our programs and ministry partners in Africa, North America, Palestine, and the Caribbean. Be inspired by how these seeds are already taking root and growing through FUM’s ministries of evangelism, communications, global partnership, and leadership development. As part of the FUM community, pray for the harvest field, give generously, and join us in God’s work of casting seeds of hope, peace, love, truth, and grace.

A seed may be a small thing, but as the shoots of God’s Kingdom grow in us and among us, it transforms the world.
Grace and Peace,

Kelly Kellum
General Secretary
Friends worship in Montreal, Canada.

Friends, as we close this year and look to the next, FUM depends on your generosity to continue and expand our work and witness. Your gift of $10, $100, $1000, or beyond helps our community scatter seeds of transformation in anticipation of a harvest of righteousness. Please join other generous Friends from around the world today by supporting our shared work. God bless you, and thank you!