Picture of Rania Maayeh.

Rania Maayeh

Incoming Head of Ramallah Friends School

On Marth7th, FUM announced the appointment of Rania Maayeh as the incoming Head of Ramallah Friends School.  Rania is no stranger to Ramallah Friends School. She is a former student, teacher, and parent of three alumni. Rania currently works for World Vision, as the Education Lead for Jerusalem, West Bank, and Gaza. She has also served as an English instructor and school principal.   She is an education specialist with over twenty years of experience across the fields of higher, secondary, and primary education, in Palestine, Jordan, and the United States.

As a Palestinian Christian, Rania considers the RFS community to be the place where her spiritual journey and formation began. She considers the Friends’ testimonies to be a vital aspect of Ramallah Friends School’s DNA, integral to propelling students toward academic achievement and spiritual transformation. “This transformation,” she notes, “can only be understood as a reflection of God’s light, which I see as constantly pushing us to strive for a more loving and whole world.” Rania will begin her service as the Head of Ramallah Friends School this summer. Please join Friends in welcoming Rania Maayeh as the incoming Head of School.  FUM is seeking partners to pray for her and contribute to her Ministry Account.  

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