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An Enduring Truth

Throughout our history, the people known as Friends (or Quakers) keep rediscovering an essential and enduring truth: There is one who speaks to our most basic needs and most significant hopes—Christ Jesus the Lord. Both individually and communally, we are learning to know and follow the Voice that guides us in the way we should go. Together, we seek to understand and obey that truth which sets us free. As a people, we share in the experience of that powerful life which makes all things new. Maybe you are searching for an authentic and transforming faith and community to call home—if so, come in and join us as we seek to know and follow Christ.

FUM News

Dive Deeper: Ministering in a Time of Crisis

One way our partners at Everence are offering support to FUM-affiliated organizations during the coronavirus pandemic is through training for Stewardship Advocates.

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Please Support Your Local Meetings and Churches

As many of us are worshipping from our homes, Friends United Meeting is encouraging Friends to continue our regular giving to our local Meetings or Churches. While we may be quarantined, bills and salaries must be paid, and many of our ministries are continuing. The mounting concern by our stewardship partners at Everence is that many local Churches and Meetings will experience declining support during this pandemic.

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Blest Be The Tie That Binds

As the world is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, Friends must remain grounded in faith, connected to each other, and continue to support the most vulnerable members we serve. One of the most vital ways we remain grounded and connected is through prayer. Several weeks ago, FUM hosted an International Prayer Gathering to hear the voices of and to pray for members of our global communities. FUM is preparing to host International Prayer Gathering II, on Friday, April 17.

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Connections Goes Digital—Mostly

Connections is now being made available in PDF form, for congregations who are experiencing difficulty with distributing paper copies. If you want to continue to receive Connections in paper form, please let us know at info(at)

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Pray Without Ceasing

Let us organize to begin this prayer initiative on the week following Easter. May Friends sense God’s loving mercy and the power of God’s “unceasing” presence as we unite in prayer.

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2020 Triennial Postponed

We are committed to carrying forward the inspired theme selected for the 2020 Triennial. We affirm the gospel message that Christ Jesus is inviting the community of Friends to Come. Abide. Go. To continue our spiritual readiness, we are inviting the global community of Friends to participate in the 30 Days of Prayer, beginning on Sunday, 12 July 2020 (the day the Triennial was scheduled to begin). The prayer guides prepared for the Triennial will be released by June.

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FUM Journal

Turkana Mission Utilizes Varied Approach to Successful Church Planting

Turkana Friends Mission, which was founded fifty years ago this year, continues to plant new churches. There are now thirty churches within Turkana, five of which have grown up in the past three years. Many of these Meetings arise from new or existing relationships—through family members and friends, or through an introduction to Friends by way of Friends' schools, health care, water ministry, or relief work.

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Faithful Witness in a Fractured World: Models for an Authentic Christian Life

How are we called to be Christ-like in our daily lives as human beings? How can we model Christ; where can we get started in our journey to love and aid in the restitution of others? These are some of the questions posed in Nicole Johnson and Michael Snarr’s Faithful Witness in a Fractured World. By amplifying the life and example of faithful Christians in the author's lives, Snarr and Johnson skillfully portray Christ-like individuals who can also serve readers as inspiration for their own journey.

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Easter Sunrise Photo Challenge—#SnapshotsofHope

This Easter morning, I am inviting Friends around the world to take a photo of the sunrise where you are and post it to FUM’s Facebook page, #SnapshotsofHope. Let us know how you are celebrating Easter Hope this year!

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Our Mission

Friends United Meeting commits itself to energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is known, loved, and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.

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