United Society of Friends Women Kenya Prayer Day

July 10 – July 12

Description: Experience the unique and powerful prayer practice of USFW–Kenya, which began meeting to pray for unity among Friends in the 1980s when relations between the divided Yearly Meetings were at their worst. As many as 4,000 women and men attend this quarterly event, which lasts all day Saturday and is held in rotating locations around the country. You will spend two nights in the home of a USFW leader, worship in your host’s local village Meeting on Sunday morning, and then return to Kisumu in time for the Triennial registration.

Start date: 10 July 2020, departing from the airport hotel in Nairobi after breakfast.

End date: 12 July 2020, arriving at the Triennial venue in time for registration

The latest date on which you should plan to arrive in Nairobi is 9 July.

Cost: $140

Cost includes:

·       Airfare from Nairobi to Kisumu

·       Ground transportation (probably by bus in some segments) from Kisumu to your homestay, to/from your homestay and the prayer day venue, and back to Kisumu

·       Lunch in Kisumu on 10 July

·       Two nights’ homestay, including dinners and breakfasts with your host family

·       Bottled water

·       Lunch with USFW–K leaders during the prayer day

Cost does not include:

·       Worship offerings

Lodging: homestays

Leaders: Marian Baker, USFW–International Board member, and Zelika Galavu, USFW–Kenya Presiding Clerk

Minimum/maximum number of participants: none

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