Peter Loten'gan

Director, Turkana Friends Mission

After two yeras of working alongside John Moru, retiring director of Turkana Friends Mission, Peter Loten'gan assumed the directorship in January, 2022. Previous work experience included World Vision Kenya, as a food monitor in one of the largest emergency food relief operations in Kenya; administrative secretary for Turkana Friends Mission; and Oxfam GB as a Field Monitor and later as Assistant Team Leader., working on restocking camel herds, small business support, and water projects.

In an interview with Shawn McConaughey in 2020, Peter outlined some of his goals for Turkana Friends Mission:

"I would love to see the creation of assets that would inject cash back to the Mission, for the support of the ministry. This will support us in the future as we are outgrowing the support FUM can provide. The Mission has really grown in the time I have been away from the work. This asset-based approach is a focus of other missions around the region. This effort can take the dimension of a couple of things:

"• It seems important to use what we already have by doing major repairs on the old buildings in Kalokol and Lodwar to make them habitable and economically competitive. We have these buildings, including a guesthouse and a former trade school, and they have potential as incomeproducing structures.

"• Creation of new and unique development plans in Lodwar. This is multifaceted and could include many things. The important part is to have a plan that we can begin to implement. The town of Lodwar is growing and provides opportunities for the Mission.

"• Administratively, the Mission office needs a long-overdue facelift. I hope it can become a place to welcome visitors and a good workspace for employees and volunteers.

"Of course, continuing partnership with FUM is key to the achievement of all the above, even as the mission continues to expand in its quest to reach out to remote communities with the holistic message of Christ, meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people."