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3428 Central American Blvd. Belize City, Belize

Oscar Siema Mmbali

Director, FUM in Belize

Oscar Siema Mmbali serves as the first pastoral minister for the Friends work in Belize. Oscar is a member of Nairobi Yearly Meeting, in Kenya. He first learned of FUM’s work in Belize in 2004 through reading articles in Quaker Life magazine while a student at Friends Theological College, and has felt a persistent call to serve in Belize ever since.

Oscar trained for pastoral ministry at FTC and St. Paul’s University, and worked with Nairobi Yearly Meeting as a pastor and as a church planter among the Maasai. Before beginning his ministry in Belize, Oscar lived in Bangkok, Thailand, studying for a PhD in International Development and working as a researcher for Transparency Thailand. He also volunteered as a chaplain for the Kenyan embassy in Thailand, visiting Kenyan nationals who were imprisoned, in detention centers, or were victims of human trafficking.