3428 Central American Blvd. Belize City, Belize

Miriam Mmbali

Field Staff

Miriam was born and raised in the south of Sweden. As a teenager, she started serving as a Sunday school teacher in her local church, where her parents were church leaders. For many years, she served as a youth leader and a preacher. Miriam travelled on short-term missions to India, China, New York, and Finland, supporting and encouraging local congregations there. Later she served as a long-term missionary to Vietnam. Other ministries she has been involved in include networking churches in Scandinavia, supporting Christian Farmers Network in public witness in the Riksdagen (the legislature and supreme decision-making body of Sweden), facilitating conferences, and volunteering in her church’s second-hand store. 

Since November 2021, Miriam has been with and serving alongside her husband Oscar in Belize. She conducts outreach ministry for young families in the community. This includes providing pantries for vulnerable families and offering support for parents, and young mothers. Additionally, Miriam oversees a growing Sunday School, which frequently has twenty to twenty-five children in attendance. It is her prayer that every child in her class is seen and feels loved. Additionally, she is training new teachers to expand the program.