Del & Suzanne Livingston

Project Coordinators, Biosand Water Filters

Del and Suzanne Livingston teach hygiene, sanitation, and biosand water treatment. Their work began with introducing biosand water filters at Friends Theological College in November of 2007, and over the past nine years their ministry has expanded in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, India, and Honduras.

They organize and facilitate teaching of church and community organizations to establish self-sustaining, for-profit, or benevolent businesses. The goal of these projects is to improve the health and wellness of communities by controlling water-borne illnesses and creating family incomes where there were none. All this work is done with a focus on building stronger communities through Jesus Christ.

Del’s first filters project was at Friends Theological College, in Kaimosi, Kenya. Students at FTC were experiencing waterborne illnesses. From the time the biosand filters were built, the campus has been free of typhoid and diarrhea. Soon, Del and Suzanne formed an affiliation with Friends United Meeting.They have trained groups that are now working throughout east and central Africa, freeing thousands of people from waterborne diseases.