Virtual Triennial Gathering

17-19 June 2021

Dear Friends,

A year ago, the Executive Board of Friends United Meeting postponed the 2020 Triennial Sessions that would have been held in Kisumu, Kenya. This decision was a great disappointment to Friends in North America and other places who were making travel plans, and African Friends who were preparing to host the gathering. At the time we could not anticipate the scope of the global pandemic, nor how it would impact the world, and the FUM community.

As Friends respond to the global anxieties, financial disparity, school closures, new ways to gather for worship and business, and sorrows of this season, we draw inspiration and strength from our faith. This is why Friends United Meeting adopted the theme of “Hope and Light” to reflect the spiritual message we want to convey to the world during this critical season. The Scripture reminds us, “God is light, and in him, there is no darkness at all.” (1 John 1:5) We affirm a life-giving hope that light will overcome the shadows of darkness and despair. We witness this through the collective work of Friends, and the amazing work God is doing through FUM’s ministry partners.

While we cannot make up for canceling a trip-of-a-lifetime to Africa, nor the disappointment of not being able to gather “in person,” the General Board of Friends United Meeting is inviting you to participate in a unique “virtual” Triennial gathering. The theme for this gathering will coincide with FUM’s 2021 theme of Hope and Light as we celebrate the collaborative and transforming work Friends are doing across the globe.

Dates and Times

The FUM Triennial Sessions will convene from 17-19 June 2021 on Zoom. Spanning multiple time zones, each session is limited to three hours and will begin at the following times each day:
  • 8:00 AM Pacific Time
  • 9:00 AM Belize Time
  • 10:00 AM Jamaica and Central Time
  • 11:00 AM Cuba and Eastern Time
  • 6:00 PM Palestine and East Africa Time

What to Expect

Thursday, 17 June — Travel with Friends
This has been a season of travel bans and lockdowns, and Friends have learned to travel in new ways. Triennial representatives will be given the opportunity to “travel by Zoom” to visit with Friends in the various places where FUM is committed to serving. Participants will be issued visas to visit two places during this session.

These virtual trips will allow representatives to meet with ministry staff and program leaders. Be inspired by their stories of transformation. Learn about their challenges. Discover new ways to pray and support the amazing work they are doing as they are called to reflect the hope and light of God.
Friday, 18 June — Discover
During this session, representatives will discover FUM’s renewed commitment to energize and equip Friends. Colin Saxton returned to FUM this year to serve as the Director of North American Ministries. He is committed to partnering with local and Yearly Meeting leaders to support the spiritual life, stewardship health, and flourishing, of Friends communities in North America. John Muhanji is reappointed as the Director of African Ministries and is called to offer leadership development, mission mobilization, and support among FUM members in Africa. Triennial participants will also find out about FUM’s commitment to work toward the financial sustainability of ministries and project partners. This will require FUM to think about fundraising, capital investments, and entrepreneurial activities in new ways that will empower the work of Friends. Friends will learn about the appointment and work of the new Sustainability Committee.

Saturday, 19 June — Worshipful Work

The Triennial gathering will also be an opportunity for Triennial Representatives and the General Board to do worshipful work together.


Registration & Fees

Triennial Representatives, General Board members, Yearly Meeting officers, organization leaders, and interested Friends are invited to participate in these sessions. Click to the button below and register online to gain access to the Zoom gathering, and get your “travel visas. ”

FUM is not charging a fee for your registration, but Friends are invited to donate to the General Fund. Your donation will support efforts to purchase data bundles to connect Friends from places where there is limited and expensive internet access. Contribute online or send a check to the FUM Richmond office. Please continue to send the names and contact information of Yearly Meeting Triennial Representatives and Triennial Nominating Committee appointees to