Triennial Travel Requirements

On this page you will find vital information you will need as you plan your trip to Kenya. This includes the Kenyan Ministry of Health COVID regulations, visa requirements, and downloadable files you will need to apply for visa. Thankfully, Kenyan Immigration provides an easy-to-use platform to apply for e-Visas. However, you will need to have a vew documents in hand before you start the application process.

COVID-19 Requierments

All travelers above the age of 12 years arriving into the country through any point of entry will be required to show proof of either COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test conducted not more than 72 hours before departure.

General COVID Travel Requirements

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Visa Requierments

Most Triennial guests coming from outside Kenya will need to apply for visas. Passport holders from the US, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba are listed in Category 2 and must apply.  Passport holders from Belize and Jamaica are in Category 1 and are exempt. All foreign nationals traveling to Kenya must have passports that are valid for at least six months beyond the dates of your trip. Download the the files below. Follow the step-by-step guidelines. The digital documents are required for the application. In addition, you will need to provide digital pictures of your passport cover and passport photo page, and a picture of yourself (a good selfie will do). All files are to be submitted as jpgs and cannot be larger than 298kb. As you complete the application please note the Specific Selections guidelines we provide.


Step-by-Step Guidelines to Apply for an e-Visa

Digital Copy of Host Invitation Letter (.jpg)

Digital Copy of Company Registration Certificate (.jpg)

Digital Copy Host ID (.jpg)

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