2020 Summer Mission Focus

We are organizing the Summer Mission Project differently this year than in the past. As in previous years, we are offering basic information on the ministry we’ve chosen, as well as curriculum ideas and book suggestions for Children’s Messages or Sunday School. But unlike past years, we are setting no fundraising goal, nor are we earmarking funds for a specific project of Turkana Friends Mission. We hope that, if, in the past, your Meeting/ Church has gathered around a barbecue or bake sale for missions, you will continue to do so. If you send FUM a check memo-ed “Turkana Friends Mission,” we will happily receive it, and send those funds on to Turkana.

However, with our new annual appeal for the Global Impact Fund scheduled to run in early summer, we did not want to find ourselves with two competing fundraising requests. At the same time we realized, from past responses, that many Meetings/Churches value the information and curriculum contained in our Summer Mission packet, regardless of the fundraising component.

So we will be transforming Summer Mission Project into Summer Mission Focus—a name that puts the emphasis on information and education, rather than fundraising.

But if the fundraising aspect of our Summer Project has been valuable to your congregation, then please continue to use these materials as an inspiration and focus for your fundraising. You can earmark funds for Turkana specifically, or for the Global Impact Fund, which will allow us to direct your contribution to where it is most needed.