Katrina and Shawn McConaughey

As Programme Officers, Katrina and Shawn are a part of FUM's Africa Ministries staff team, headed by John Muhanji, Africa Ministries Director. They are responsible for facilitating global and cross-cultural relationships, accompanying ministry partners in project implementation, lifting up African voices and experiences in FUM’s communications, and hosting mission visitors.

About the importance of having North American members as part of the Kisumu-based staff team, John Muhanji says,“Ever since the Africa Ministries Office (AMO) was established, it has been working under the four priorities of Evangelism, Leadership Development, Communication, and Global Partnership. The presence of North Americans in the AMO is very key and strategic in reflecting the unity of Quakers, in demonstrating how we are one across the world, and helping the Quaker church in Africa feel connected to others through the priority of Global Partnership.”

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