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Students gather around Oscar and his computer during Oscar's April visit to the Belize Friends School.

Update from Eden Grace, Thursday, July 26: “We’re at $433 as of this morning. Yay!” Update from Eden Grace, Wednesday, July 26: “We’re now down to $580 per month. I love momentum! Let’s keep it up.” July 25, 2017—Oscar Mmbali is FUM’s recently-called pastoral minister for Belize—and he…(Read More)

How much is all of this costing? It’s a big project! Some of the major cost items are (in US dollars): $173,753 for the purchase and closing costs on the new property on Central American Boulevard. $21,389 to install exterior stairs and rooftop railings in order to convert the warehouse into a…(Read More)

Early this week, we sent to the printer a poster, several handouts, and a letter about our 2017 Summer Mission Project—A Big Year for Belize. They will be mailed to Meetings and Churches in early May. If you’d like to view them sooner, they are available here as a downloadable pdf…(Read More)

Power for Pastors Goal: $20,000 By Fredrick Amwoka Friends Theological College (FTC) is an institution dedicated to the training of Friends pastors, as well as to the academic progress, personal development, and spiritual growth of the students whom God is calling to other ministries. Located on the Kaimosi Mission in Kenya’s Hamisi District…(Read More)